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The Business Cards Of 7 Famous Entrepreneurs Which Perfectly Reflect Their Brands… And 1 That Sucks!

Personal branding is an important part of business for the aspiring entrepreneur. You’ve probably already tweaked your online image – with a perfect Linkedin profile and a snazzy bio on Twitter. But have you ever thought about what your business card says about your brand? Here are 7 famous entrepreneurs whose business cards do a […]

What Information to Include on a Business Card?

Did you know that the most frequently asked question from our customers is: “What information should I include in my business card?” The answer is often different from person to person, but we’ve put together a handy checklist of the most commonly added information to include on a business card for you so that you […]

Are Reports of Printing’s Death Greatly Exaggerated?

The consulting giant Deloitte recently came out with their report containing predictions for print media in 2015. It made predictions based on the data collected from the past years and projecting that trend into the future. Prediction: Print is far from dead. Their prediction is in relation to books – books will continue to dominate […]

Are Businesscards Relevant in the Digital Age?

If you’ve ever been in a business meeting, you’ve probably seen what unfolds when the meeting ends – everybody starts exchanging businesscards. But in the electronic age – where e-mail signatures and LinkedIn are the norm – do business cards find themselves in the marketing graveyard? Have they really become obsolete or are they still […]