10 Quick Tips About Printing Business Cards Online

So it’s the day before you’re ready to launch your new business, and you’re almost certain that you’d  managed to check off everything on your list, but then you realise, you forgot the most important element of promoting any new business – business cards!

Now we all know how expensive it can be to print your corporate stationery, especially when you’re doing it for the first time. Most brick-and-mortar print companies, charge you an arm and a leg for the additional trouble of first-time business card design, which can be really draining on your finances – especially if you’re a startup or small business.  However, there is a more affordable but also efficient alternative to traditional printing companies.

Online printing services, like those offered right here at GoPrint, allow aspirant business owners to quickly design and order & print business cards online, without having to pay additional design costs that’s usually associated with professionally printed business cards. However, you need to remember that not all of us are expert graphic designers or possess the required creative flair.

Fret not. GoPrint has a wide selection of free business card templates for you to choose from. The only effort required from your part is choosing the perfect template and customising it to match your branding. The best part is that you get to do all of this from the office & the printed business cards will be delivered straight to your door!

Before you head over to eagerly start ordering your custom-designed business cards, we want you to read these 10 quick business card design tips we hope will make the process more enjoyable.

  1. Potential customers or business networking contacts should by a quick glance; be able to quickly understand the product or service you’re providing.
  2. Make sure you remember to include all the ways you would like to be contacted, ensuring maximum lead generating potential..
  3. Never use your personal email address on your business cards, you should always put your best foot forward.
  4. Be Social! – Include icons on your business cards that illustrate the various social networks your business is active on.
  5. Balance your creativity with being relevant to your target market. – It’ll be pointless if your innovative or creative business card doesn’t appeal to your target audience.
  6. Business cards are great for promoting your product or service offerings, but it doesn’t work the other way round. Try to steer clear of business card designs that are overly promotional.
  7. Make your business card scannable – QR Codes are the perfect marriage of print and mobile smart phone technology. Users simply point their phone at your QR code and can instantly
    1. View a web page with more information about your event or product
    2. Add your contact information to their address book
    3. Get directions to your location (via Google Maps)
    4. Receive a text message with special offers, more info, etc.
  8. When ordering business cards online, try to avoid glossy or weird materials. Business cards are meant to be an easily accessible collection of your business contact information so your customers can reach you quickly.
  9. Use professional printing services, like those offered by GoPrint – Your inkjet printer at home is not the best tool to use when printing corporate stationery.
  10. Two bonus tips :
    1. Don’t include your personal cell number to prevent being bothered at inconvenient times, i.e. customers calling you, a plumber, on your personal line at 2 am in the morning because “daddy accidentally threw Katie’s goldfish down the toilet”.
    2. Make sure you always provide contacts with 2 business cards, this way it will be less likely that they lose your contact info.

And there you go… Feel free to head over to the “business cards” category of our website and click “Design My Own” to browse all the business card templates that are available.

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