Standard Business Card Size - South Africa

When it comes to business card size there are a few points to consider. Different countries use different systems for units of measurements. In South Africa we use the metric system. Other countries including the USA use the imperial system. South African has the following standard business card size measurements:

– 50 x 90mm
– 85 x 55mm
– 90 x 55mm

You may be wondering why it is important to stick to standard size business card dimensions. Probably the most common reason is because the business cards will fit into a wallet that is designed to hold cards. If you plan on keeping some extra business cards in your wallet or purse then sticking to these standard sizes is the way to go.

There are other ideas about what the ideal business card size should be. There is an idea that says if you make your business cards slightly larger than the standard size then they will stand out from the other cards in a stack of cards. While this might be true you also run the risk that it could be discarded for the same reason.

You can also make your business cards square or make them very long – which means it can be used as a bookmark. There is often a trade off between differentiation and memorability.

Another factor to consider is the size of the font used when designing your business card. You’ll want to make sure it is large enough to be easily readable, keeping in mind that many people have trouble reading small text.