About GoPrint

Common Questions

What makes GoPrint different?

GoPrint cares about your printed products as much as you do. GoPrint prides itself on offering its customers the highest quality printing at the lowest possible rate. Our core values are low prices and outstanding customer service.

Does GoPrint offer me any guarantees?

Absolutely! At GoPrint we guarantee customer satisfaction and are confident that you will be impressed with our quality products and super-fast turnaround times. If you aren’t satisfied with the quality we will reprint at no cost to you or offer you a full refund on your purchase.

Who should I contact to give a complaint / compliment to GoPrint?

You can send any feedback including complaints and compliments to info@goprint.co.za and we will get back to you at lightning fast speeds.



Business Cards

Tell me more about GoPrint's business cards

GoPrint offers only the highest quality business cards. Our business cards are ideal for either personal or professional use. All business cards are printed on durable, thick, premium stock and you can choose the finishing for your business cards.

What size are GoPrint Business Cards?

GoPrint follows the South Africa industry standard for business card measurements of 90mm x 50mm

Can I print my Business Cards double sided using GoPrint?

Yes, GoPrint gives you the option of printing your business cards single or double sided.

Do you offer an option for having Rounded Corners on my business cards?

Yup! If you want your business cards to stand out then you can choose to get rounded corners. We use a rounded corner punch to create our rounded corners business cards. Look for the rounded corners option that is available after you’ve uploaded your own design or used one of our templates.

How can I add a QR code or a barcode to my business card?

GoPrint has its own built in QR code and barcode generator to make it easy to add your business code. Simply click the “Switch to advanced editing” button when using the designer and click the “Add+” button to choose either “QR code” or Barcode.
If you already have a QR code or barcode that you would like to your business card then click the “Switch to advanced editing” and click the “Add image” button to upload it and place it on your business card.

I already have a complete business card design. Can I use it to print my business cards?

Of course! GoPrint provides an easy online facility to upload your completed design and order your business cards. Please choose the “upload my completed design” button from the business card page.

What file formats are acceptable when I am uploading my own complete design?

GoPrint accepts a variety of file types including

I don't have a design yet, can I still use GoPrint to create my own personalised, professional business cards?

Yes! GoPrint have uploaded templates for almost every industry. Simply pick a template and use our online editor to customize and personalize your business cards for your specific needs. You can upload your own logo and other images to create the business card that is perfect for you.

What Paper Stock do we use to print our business cards?

GoPrint uses only the highest quality, premium paper stock to print business cards. All our business cards are printed on Magno Satin Matt 350gsm board.

What is the minimum order quantity for GoPrint Business Cards?

You can order as little as 60 business cards per person using GoPrint.

Can I split up quantities of business cards across multiple names / people?

Each set of cards can only be for a single person / design. If you would like to purchase business cards for multiple people / designs you will need to purchase a set of cards for each person individually.
E.g. You cannot place a single order for 500 business cards for 5 people that need 100 business cards each. You will need to order 5 separate sets of cards of 100 cards each.

Can I reorder business cards that I've ordered before?

Yes. Simply go to the ‘My Account’ option and login using your GoPrint username and password. You can view all your orders by choosing the ‘Order List’ option and re-order from there.



What size are GoPrint's flyers?

We print flyers in A5 size – 148 x 210mm.

Can I print double sided flyers with GoPrint?

Yes, you can choose to print your flyers either single or double sided.

Is it possible to add a QR code or barcode to my flyers?

Yes we have our own QR code and barcode generator within our online designer. You can use it to generate your own QR codes.

What happens if I already have my own design for my flyer?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can use GoPrint to upload your own artwork via our website and we will print it for you – just choose the options you would like.

What file format should my artwork be in before I upload it?

We accept all of the following formats for uploading your own artwork.

Can I use GoPrint if I don't have a design yet?

Yes. GoPrint offers a range of professionally designed templates that you can use to create the perfect flyer using our online design tool.

What stock do you use for printing flyers?

We print flyers on 130gsm, white stock.

Can I order less than 5,000 flyers?

We generally only offer 5,000 flyers as a minimum however if you require less get in touch with us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Can I use multiple flyer designs for 1 order?

Orders cannot be split up across multiple designs.

Can I re order flyers that I have ordered previously?

Yes, just login to your GoPrint account and click the “My Orders” option. Click “View Order” and then click “Order Again”


What size letterheads can I order?

Letterheads are a standard A4 size of 210 x 297mm so that you use them in your own printer.

Do you offer double sided letterheads too?

Generally letterheads are only single sided; however if you have a requirement for double sided letterheads get in touch with us.

I need my letterhead to be within the guideline set out by our Corporate Identity (CI) requirements.

No problem – we have lots of experience in dealing with corporate customers. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

I have a letterhead design that I need printed.

Simply upload your completed design using the “Upload my completed design” option and choose the necessary printing options.

Can I use GoPrint's online designer to create my own letterhead design?

GoPrint makes it easy to create professional looking letterhead designs using the online designer. Choose your template and modify it to meet your requirements.

Will your letterheads be compatible with my printer?

Our letterheads are printed on standard 80gsm bond stock and are compatible with virtually any printer.

Can I re order letterheads that I have ordered previously?

Yes, just login to your GoPrint account and click the “My Orders” option. Click “View Order” and then click “Order Again”



Tell me more about the cost of GoPrint's printed products

How much do business cards cost?
Quantity Single Sided Double Sided Round Corners
100 R 180 R 195 R 65
250 R 405 R 450 R 75
500 R 600 R 750 R 150
1000 R 875 R 1 000 R 300

Choice between Matt or Gloss Lamination

Delivery via Courier anywhere in SA -R100

How much do flyers cost?
Quantity Single Sided Double Sided
5 000 A4 Flyers R1 195.00 R 2 395.00
5 000 A5 Flyers R 999.00 R 1 199.00
10 000 A6 Flyers R 999.00 R 1 199.00


How much do letterheads cost?
Quantity Single Sided
100 R 325.00
200 R 500.00
400 R 850.00
600 R 1 200.00



Placing Orders

What payment options do you offer?

What payment methods are accepted when purchasing with GoPrint?

We offer our customers the following options for paying for their order:

  • Credit Card Payment – We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Credit Cards.
  • Bank Transfer – Customers who wish to pay us via a bank transfer or EFT payment can choose the Bank Transfer option at checkout. Please remember to email us your proof of payment to payments@goprint.co.zaPlease note that we will only begin processing your order once the payments has reflected in our account. Choosing this option may delay your order and is not advised for urgent orders.
Can I pay for my order using cash or cheque?

Unfortunately we do not accept cash or cheques.

Is paying for my order online secure?

Yes. We treat our customer’s safety with the utmost importance and ensure that we have the most stringent security measures in place. Our payment gateways use a 128-bit SSL certificate to encrypt the sensitive payment data on the checkout page and ensuring that your security is never compromised. No payment information is ever stored making it 100% for our customers.

Will you ever store my payment details?

No we never store your credit card or other payment details. These will need to be re-entered each time you place an order.

How do deliveries work?

Where do GoPrint deliver?

We deliver anywhere within South Africa. If you live outside South Africa and wish to get a quotation for delivery please contact us on info@goprint.co.za

How long will it take to receive my order?

Our products have different lead times as follows:

  • Business cards are delivered within 1 – 5 business days*.
  • Letterheads are delivered within 2 – 5 business days*.
  • Flyers are delivered within 7 – 10 business days*.

*Please note that while we do our best to stick to these timelines there are sometimes factors beyond our control which prevent us from making delivery within these time frames.

How much do deliveries cost?

We charge a flat rate of R100.00 per delivery to anywhere in South Africa.

What happens if I need to request a refund?

If I am unhappy with my purchase what can I do?

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason please do not hesitate to let us know. You can email us on info@goprint.co.za to let us know why you were unhappy. If we find that we did not deliver on our promise we will either offer you a full refund or re-print the job.