The 4 Reasons Why Your Letterhead Designs Should Grab Attention

You may never consider this ; but your promotional letterhead designs actually holds more importance than just being a blurb at the top of a page. Letterheads contain all the necessary information prospective customers have about your brand. This is easily conveyed by the eloquent combination of your business name, branding and contact details.

With so little space available to communicate your branding message; coherent designs are essential when designing your corporate stationery . This is why we have put together the top 4 reasons why your company letterhead should be eye catching.

1. It is the face of your business

Your company letterhead is the official representation of your business & could always be the first time customers interact with your brand . By incorporating high quality printing with strategic design, you let potential clients know you take pride in the products / services your offer and shows professionalism as well.

Sloppy letterhead designs make people less likely to want to work with your company & reflects sloppy business /work ethic.

Establishes Credibility

Professional letterhead design conveys a sense of reliability to customers and clients. A high quality logo accompanied by a clear message helps them feel they can trust your company to meet their needs and deliver on promises.

A smart, professional letterhead should be part of your overall marketing plan as the design you choose will be seen on all of your business communications.

Defines and Reinforces Brand

Branding is one of the most important parts of business, especially in today’s highly visual and perpetually connected world. People move fast, and if your company doesn’t stand out, it’s all too easy to get lost in the shuffle. A recognizable brand should bring your business to mind the instant that consumers see it.

Your letterhead design doesn’t have to be complex or fancy to be a good branding tool. In fact, simplicity is what makes some of the most effective letterheads and logos so famous. A streamlined image that reflects your core message is all it takes to ensure that your letterhead is memorable.

Cements Customer Relationships

No matter what kind of communication you’re sending, your letterhead acts as a miniature advertisement. It broadcasts your brand, tells customers how to contact you and can also serve as a reminder of why they purchase your products and services in the first place.

Adding a simple slogan to your letterhead increases this impact. When a letter, invoice or direct mail communication arrives on your company’s letterhead, it demands more attention than if the same mailing were printed on plain paper. This is especially important when it comes to billing for services as you want customers to remember to send in payments on time. Consider placing your logo on the outside of envelopes as well to create a cohesive stationery design that capitalizes on the power of your brand image.

Using a professional design company for your stationery designs like letterhead design is one way you can ensure that it serves each of the purposes outlined above . You get access to a wide pool of freelance designers with the experience necessary to create a logo that grabs customers’ attention and reflects the image that you’ve established for your business. Tell designers what you want, give them a deadline and pick your favorite from the designs that get submitted. Then put your new letterhead to work and watch your business grow.

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