The Business Cards Of 7 Famous Entrepreneurs Which Perfectly Reflect Their Brands… And 1 That Sucks!

Personal branding is an important part of business for the aspiring entrepreneur. You’ve probably already tweaked your online image – with a perfect Linkedin profile and a snazzy bio on Twitter.

But have you ever thought about what your business card says about your brand? Here are 7 famous entrepreneurs whose business cards do a good job of reflecting their brand image… and one whose card… well, judge for yourself!

1. Mark Zuckerberg’s Business Card – I’m CEO Bitch!

If you’ve seen the social network, you may recall the scene where Sean Parker (Justin Timberlake) tells Mark Zuckerberg (Jessie Eisenberg) that one day he’ll be handing out business cards that say ‘I’m CEO bitch’.

Well, that scene might have been a dramatisation… but it does have its basis in fact as that’s exactly what Mark Zuckerberg’s first Facebook card said on it!

Mark Zuckerberg's business card

Brian Veloso, the designer responsible for Mark’s first business card explains that the phrase perfectly captured Mark’s aggressive, assertive style in meetings (and was in fact used by Mark).

“It’s no secret that Mark looked up to Steve Jobs at the time. When Aaron Sittig and I were the only designers in late 2005, he would hold his design meetings with us in that classic “aggressive” Steve Jobs-style. It was during one of those meetings where I remember him first uttering the phrase, “I’m CEO, bitch…”

Countless designs are referred to as “happy accidents” and this would be a prime example of that. Because of the relationship that Zuck and I had at the time, I felt comfortable having fun with his tagline.

So, quite simply, it was a phrase I typed in that stuck.”

2. Steve Jobs’ Business Card (Apple) – Clean & Crisp

And talking about Steve Jobs, the sadly missed Apple president built the Apple business around smart, simple, clean design. So it’s no surprise that his business cards reflects this.

Steve Jobs business card

Steve’s no nonsense business card was as minimal as it gets.

3. Larry Page (Google) – Function Over Style

Google have always focused on functionality, rather than fancy design (although that’s not to say that simple does not equal elegant).

The most popular page on the internet is as simple it gets – white background, logo, a search box, and 2 buttons.

Larry’s card does a good job of reflecting this.

Larry Page business card

4. Evan Williams (Twitter) – A Tweetable Business Card

Twitter is of course famous for it’s 140 character limit (although it’s rumoured this may be about to change) and it seems that Evan Williams, Twitter’s CEO, took this into account when designing his business card.

Evan Williams business card

The information on the card is minimal:

There’s no phone number.
No address.
Just his name, title, email address, twitter handle (naturally) and a number to text (I’m not actually sure what that ones for!).

The whole thing is 106 characters (I counted) – so it’s effectively a tweetable business card!

5. Walt Disney’s Business Card – Fun, Fun, Fun!

Naturally, Mr Disney’s business card design is the funnest of them all – featuring a caricature of himself busy cartooning!

Walt Disney's business card

A great example of creative business card design!

6. Donald Trump’s Business Card – Mr Ego

And of course Donald Trump’s business card has his signature on it. Would you expect anything else?

Donald Trump's business card

7. Warren Buffet – Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You

Technnically this isn’t Warren Buffet’s card – in fact it’s his chief of staff – but Warren is so rich and powerful (66.7billion USD rich) that everyone probably knows who he is anyway.

And his chief of staff’s card reflects this… Phone number: Don’t call me, I’ll call you.

Warren Buffet business card

And now for the sucky one…

8. Bill Gates – If Windows Vista Was A Business Card

Ok, maybe I was a bit harsh in the title. If I’m being honest, I’m actually a Windows user (and kind of a fan) myself.

But there’s no denying, that Bill’s old business card truly sucked.

Just like Vista, Bill got this one totally wrong.

Bill Gates business card

So that’s the business cards of 8 successful entrepreneurs. Don’t be like Bill… get a business card that reflects your brand!

We’ll finish off with this infographic, which shows all 8 designs. If you’d like to share it on your own site, then please get in touch 🙂

Famous entrepreneurs bis

So which entrepreneur do you think had the best business card? Let us know in the comments below!

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